CASA ANADIA - D.O.P. Ribatejo

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CASA ANADIA-Azeite Virgem Extra DOP

Made using our Portuguese varieties, Galega and Cobrançosa, our Ribatejo P.D.O., from the Abrantes, is the result of the best Portuguese varieties selection existing on the terroir. Monitored and certified, the whole production process has the Ribatejo P.D.O. and Casa Anadia high quality guarantees. It is an olive oil of excellence. Casa Anadia, azeites do Ribatejo D.O.P. is 100% natural and it is not filtered in order to maintain all of its original properties.

Galega e Cobrançosa.

Tasting Notes:
A Smooth olive oil, balanced , with slight to average green-ripe olive fruitness, with smooth hints of apple, green olive tree leaf. Slightly bitter and piquant. It has a relatively persistent finish of dried fruits on the palate.

Bottle size: 500ml

Peroxides: 13


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