CASA ANADIA Private Collection Special Ed.

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CASA ANADIA-Privado Collection MAGNUM

From among 90ha. of traditional olive groves, 10ha. of which are super intensive, and hundreds of olive trees that are more than 100 years old, comes the Casa Anadia Private Collection. It is the result of the most sophisticated fusion between the best olives, of the best varieties, from the best olive trees that exist on the Estate. Only after careful analysis, extraction and tasting are we ready to make Casa Anadia’s noblest and most extraordinary olive oil. It’s Casa Anadia’s olive oil masterpiece. Private Collection is 100% natural and it is not filtered so that it maintains all of its original properties.

Cobrançosa e Picual.

Tasting Notes:
Fresh olive oil, exuberant, complex, well balanced, with intense green-ripe olive fruitness, hints of green olive tree leaf, herbs and green banana peel. Slightly bitter and piquant. It has a very persistent finish of dried fruits on the palate.

Bottle size: 750ml & 1,5L

Peroxides: 4


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