History of Quinta do Bom Sucesso

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The House of the Almeida de Abrantes (or Estate of Bom Sucesso) was founded with the institution of the Majorat of the Almeida in the 14th century and later on incorporated other important links, the Majorats of Momperres and Santa Maria of Alcáçova, having their main residence in a 17th-century manor house in Alferrarede.
Through various matrimonial alliances this family first joined with the family of the Quifel Barberino, later on with the family of the Paes do Amaral and finally with the family of the Counts of Anadia. All these alliances led to the 4th Count of Anadia and 3rd Viscount of Alverca, José Maria de Sá Pereira e Menezes de Mello Sottomayor Paes do Amaral de Almeida e Vasconcellos Quifel Barberino.
With the final abolition of the Majorats (1863) and the death of the 4th Count of Anadia in 1870, the Alferrarede land was inherited by his son Carlos de Sá Paes do Amaral Pereira Meneses d'Almeida Vasconcelos Quifel de Barberino, Knight of the Order of Malta and his parents' third son.
In 1882, King D. Luís granted Carlos Paes do Amaral the title of Viscount of Alferrarede and in that same year promoted this title to Count of the same name. It was the 1st Count and Viscount of Alferrarede who ordered the construction of a neo-gothic inspired building on the property, later known as "Castelo de Alferrarede" (Castle of Alferrarede), where King D. Carlos I once stayed.
The Count of Alferrarede had only one daughter, D. Maria da Assunção, who married D. António de Souza e Holstein, Marquis of Faial and Count of Calhariz. The couple had no offspring and so their titles were passed on to the main Anadia family, with the current Count of Alferrarede, Miguel Maria de Sá Paes do Amaral, inheriting the title of Count of Anadia.
The Castle of Alferrarede and the Almeida´s former manor are classified as properties of public interest.

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