Quinta Do Bom Sucesso - Alferrarede

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Olive Oil

Casa Anadia olive oil, is heir to an ancient tradition that dates back to at least the 17th century, when the ancient Manor House with a chapel were built, nowadays part of the Bom Sucesso Estate in Alferrarede. This Manor House was built on land belonging to the old Almeida family connection, Lord Mayors of Abrantes and its architecture reflects its clear rural tradition, with its farming infrastructures, such as the olive press that remains today, installed on the ground floor. At this olive press one can see a topographic plan dated 1819 that shows an olive grove already in rows, an important detail for those times. Taking into account the time an olive grove takes to grow, this one dates back to at least the time when the Manor House was built, in the 17th century. The Bom Sucesso Estate files also contain other documents that confirm the strong relationship this House has with olive tree farming. A photograph dated 1890, taken by the Marquise of Faial, daughter of the first Count of Alferrarede, clearly shows the Manor's olive press. Casa Anadia olive oil is therefore the continuation of an ancient link to olive oil production. This is immensely relevant today and for the future as in a fast- moving world, roots are an increasingly important distinguishing factor. Tradition leads to know-how, building the personality of brands and the trust of consumers, clearly adding value to both. The olive groves on the Estate occupy an area of 100ha, having traditional groves and also intense olive groves, with Galega and Cobrançosa as well as Picual, Arbequina among other International varieties, the estate produces quality Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) Olive Oils. Also used in the production are olives from the Estate’s centuries-old olive trees. Casa Anadia olive oils are the result of three different terroirs in Alferrarede, with clay, chalky and shale soils to the north. The result is single olive oil lots, a perfect alchemy of varieties and the corresponding soil.

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