Olive Oil

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Produced on the Estate of Bom Sucesso in Alferrarede since at least the 17th century, the Casa Anadia olive oils come from 3 different terroirs of clay, chalk and shale soils on the property, with a combination of international varieties, Picual, Arbequina, Frontoio, Koroneiki and the Portuguese Galega and Cobrançosa , which allows us to produce the protected Designation of Origin Ribatejo (P.D.O.) Olive oils.
Casa Anadia olive oils are 100% natural and unfiltered, the result of a perfect alchemy between the varieties, the corresponding soil and the know-how acquired over hundreds of years.
During the harvest, the best mechanical processes are combined with the ancient tradition of beating and reaping the olive tree without the olives ever coming into contact with the ground, maintaining all their properties intact.
The cold-pressed extraction process begins a few hours after the olives are picked, ensuring that the olive oil’s purest and freshest properties remain intact.
This annual tradition produces Extra Virgin olive soils that are very fruity, very fresh with very low acidity levels.

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